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Here is my Flickr portfolio with the latest updates. Enjoy!

Here is my Project Analysis to my latest project at Uni, “Locale and Communicate”, exploring the SE1 area of London. I have made as a PDF file, so I could add my final project photos to the file. 

I decided to work with collages again as an area in which I really love to experiment while developing my projects. Here are some of the collages I made, while exploring the SE1 area of London, for my latest project “Locale and Communicate”. ↘

Here are the contact sheets from my first explore walk on my own in SE1.


A student enterprise project, working with the BA(Hons) Digital Photography course aims to enable students to sell their work and services through the University, primarily through a photography agency and online sales.  Part of this project is linked to supporting the visual development of the Clarence Centre (CC).

Student competition:  LSBU IN CONTEXT: Locale and Community


The CC for Enterprise and Innovation opened in October 2013.  It is a conversion from an old pub and Georgian terraces and houses the University’s commercial and student enterprise teams, rented office space and commercial meeting rooms.  The building is still as per the original architects’ design and furnishing concept.  As a client University Enterprise would now like to use photography on the walls to: 

  • Make the meeting rooms and business lounge spaces more attractive, in publicity images and in physical use.  This supports a separate project to increase our meeting room income.
  • Make the CC a more engaging and comfortable space for all users, with the current environment seen as stark

In addition we see wider benefits for the University

  • Using the CC as a showcase project for student art work and the sale of future commercial services
  • Promoting the work and success of individual students
  • Showing all CC users the quality of our University’s academic work
  • Linking enterprise and teaching, and encouraging more students to attend our enterprise events and join our supported student enterprise schemes

The brief for the images is “LSBU IN CONTEXT: Locale and Community”.  The University aims to operate on a global scale but use location to form our identity.  A “leadership of place”.  As a “Civic” University we look to contribute to our region, not just through economic development or support for industry, but in shaping policy and activities across wider areas such as sustainability, social welfare and culture.

The interpretation of the brief is down to the individual photographer, and has been left deliberately open to encourage innovative, experimental, creative responses.  Taking the physical location of the University , within the postcode SE1, as the starting point explore the idea of Locale and Community. You can make work in and about the University, but equally valid is work that does not directly refer to the University but is based on and responds to its environment and the community it is a part of. Feedback on your ideas will be given at the first review.

The work is for public display, open to audiences of all types.  As such work that could be potentially offensive or upsetting will not be regarded as appropriate.  We are however seeking challenging work that will encourage viewers to re-examine their environment, as opposed to corporate marketing type imagery.

These are the three images that I decided to be my finale for the hand in. 

Here the ring symbolises the unity, the infinite love between two persons.